Are business cards still useful?

In an age where digital technology is becoming increasingly important in the business world, especially in terms of communication, the question arises: are business cards still relevant? The answer is yes. Indeed, business cards have not lost their use during professional meetings or other events. In fact, they have become even more practical and effective than before in distinguishing you or your brand from others who refuse to use them.


If you look at its use, it is easy to understand the importance of a business card. It contains the contact details of an individual or a company and is generally used in professional environments, at company events, and allows direct contact between professionals. It is also possible to hand out business cards in shopping centres or on exhibition stands or at any event to reach a larger number of people and increase your visibility.

Giving out your email is not too informal, but giving out an original and stylish business card shows a lot more professionalism to present in a face-to-face meeting with a potential client. Also, it shows that you are organised in your industry and recognise the importance of making meaningful connections. It affirms your professionalism and makes a good first impression. However, the effective impact of a business card depends on good design. It must be well thought out and able to convey your brand image.

Physical media

If digital profiles have failed to replace the impact of using a business card, it is undoubtedly because they are not a better alternative. The impact of professional social network profiles, such as a LinkedIn profile, is quite limited in terms of accessibility. Apart from time, you will always need a connection and a medium (smartphone, computer, etc.) to be able to consult it. In addition, the e-mail can be lost in a sea of spam and contact folders. The advantage of a business card is that it is made of paper or another material and can easily be put in a wallet, something that most people always carry with them. At a glance, contact information is identified.


Most people have a LinkedIn account, and we can see contact details, career paths and even educational backgrounds at the touch of a button. But what’s wrong with this picture? Well, almost everyone has the same account. A business card adds a personal touch to you or your brand. And in today’s digital environment, that tangibility can be extremely powerful. Business cards can be created to fit you and your personality, with the right design and communication choices as well as the choice of texture, cutting, thickness, colours and of course designs. All of this will create a unique emotion and impression on the recipient and will help them to remember the card.

In conclusion, the importance of a business card lies in its effectiveness in developing a network of contacts. They are worth the investment to convince people to visit your brand, gain leads and leave a lasting impression. Its design is the key to optimal impact.

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